Fox hunt artificial earths and fox feedingArtificial Earths

The use of artificial earths is well known, and yet hunts still claim foxes are a pest!

Hunting hounds include Foxhounds, beagles and harriersHounds

Foxhounds can live to be 14 years old, few hunting hounds live beyond 5 years.

Hunts killing petsPets killed by hunts

Hunt officials have claimed that hunts don't kill pets, they just can't help lying.

Hunting organisations in the UKOrganisations

A quick look at the main apologists for bloodsports and who is behind them.

Hunting quotesQuotes

A selection of quotes on hunting from the wildlife killers themselves.

Hunting violenceViolence

Hunting is founded on violence to wildlife, and once their blood is up humans too.

Hunting databaseHunt Database

A list of UK hunts to help you raise trespass or road havoc issues.

Hunting mapHunt Map

Also see Hounds Off 'Find Your Local Hunt' map tool.