Funded By: Unknown

Chairman: Lord Mancroft (info)

The Council of Hunting Associations (CHA) was founded in 2001 in order to “promote and protect the interests of those who hunt with dogs.”

Full members of the Council of Hunting Associations:

  • The Masters of Foxhounds Association
  • The Masters of Minkhounds Association
  • The Masters of Deerhounds Association
  • Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles
  • Central Committee of Fell Packs
  • Masters of Basset Hounds Association
  • Federation of Welsh Packs
  • National Working Terrier Federation
  • Association of Lurcher Clubs
  • National Coursing Club
  • Whippet, Saluki and Deerhound Coursing Association

Affiliated Members of the Council of Hunting Associations:

  • Masters of Drag and Blood Hounds Association
  • Union of Country Sports Workers
  • The Hawk Board


Originally the Council was organised through a Chairman (Stephen Lambert) and a secretary-cum-treasurer (Brian Fanshawe). Stephen Lambert, was a former chairman of the MFHA and chairman and master of the Heythrop Hunt.

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