Campaign for the Abolition of Terrier Work

The Campaign for the Abolition of Terrier Work(CATW) exposes the cruelty of digging out foxes and the injuries also inflicted on terriers. We are seeking legislation in the UK and Ireland outlawing the use of terriers to attack animals underground. Terrierwork is one of the cruellest so called ‘sports’ and should be illegal, just like dog fighting, fox hunting and badger baiting have become.

Digging Out Campaign AimsTrapped in darkness, being suffocated while attacked from the rear and dug out from above makes this activity one of the cruellest sports in the world – as the pictures on our website clearly show! Terrier work is considered by the Countryside Alliance to be a “legitimate field sport in its own right.”

Under pressure from the bloodsport industry the Government allowed terrier work to continue under exemptions for gamekeepers and other wildlife killers.

Every fox hunt have terriermen ready to dig out foxes out, whilst many terrier men are independent, and will travel hundreds of miles for “the crack” (cowardly pleasure) of setting their terriers on a fox.

Our Aims

  • To expose the cruelty of terrier work for both dogs and quarry.
  • To name and shame the votaries of this “sport”.
  • To gather information on those involved in cruel and/or illegal activity and advise the Police, RSPCA, and League Against Cruel Sports as appropriate.
  • To seek legislation outlawing the use of terriers underground and the use of internet sites which promote the cruel use of terriers underground.