About Us

In 2017 the Campaign for the Abolition of Terrier Work was granted permission to use content from various sites that had moved their primary campaigning to social media pages. Rather than incorporate the content into our Digging Out website, we took the decision to launch the Wildlife Guardian to better reflect the broader range issues we’ll be campaigning on.

There are some truly excellent campaign sites, see the links at the bottom on the page, that have a offer a unique insight into the various aspects of the persecution of wildlife for sport. This site aims to offer a similar distinctive approach.

Our Opinion page welcomes contributions from any group or individual on any aspect of bloodsports.

As a campaign site, our priority is to:

  • Expose the cruelty of terrier work for both dogs and quarry.
  • Name and shame the votaries of this “sport”.
  • Gather information on those involved in cruel and/or illegal activity and advise the Police.
  • Seek legislation outlawing the use of terriers underground.
  • Expose those who turn a blind eye to illegal persecution of wildlife.